Top American Delicacies For You

Many people think the French have a great formula when it comes to good food and great cuisine. Some people hype the Mediterranean diet to the high heavens and other people talk about the classic African diet. Now, one would think the Americans have no cuisine to advertise but this is not quite true. If you have dinner with an American, you are in for a delicious surprise. This is because many American cities have great cuisine and when you eat out in certain places here, you will discover this for yourself. From the furnishing in American restaurants, you will get an idea that the patrons know what they are doing especially if the restaurant has oilcloth tablecloths. Below are some great American delicacies that will give you excellent nutrition and great taste.

Extra information about oil cloth tablecloths


This abbreviation stands for bacon, lettuce and tomato. The BLT is the preferred choice of sandwich when the versatile tomato comes into season. It doesn't matter if you toast your bread or not. What matters is that you have fresh tomatoes, well-seasoned bacon and fresh lettuce. Combines these ingredients correctly and you have a great sandwich that will nourish you and make you happy.

Barbecue Ribs

Barbecue ribs can come in pork or beef. The choice is yours but you have to admit that each option is simply mouth-watering. Texas and Kansas are two places where you can get the best beef barbecue in the US but that does not mean other places are fast asleep. Most places in the US offer great beef barbecue and the best part is that the sauce may differ from one place to another but the taste of the right sauce can practically raise the dead. 

Indian Frybread

This special delicacy may have connections to the Red Indians but it is American as apple pie these days.  Get this special delicacy at a market in Santa Fe and you will confirm what the fans of the Indian Frybread are saying. This bread is usually deep-fried but when you add the onions, tomatoes, cheese and lettuce, these ingredients take centre-stage immediately. Some experts even flavour the delicacy with pure honey or a bit of ground beef to give it more character and this makes it yummy. 

Chicken Wings

This is a simple but powerful delicacy and the best part is that it is relatively easy to prepare. Get your chicken wings together and boil them with a little water and plenty of spices. Once its cooked, you can move on to the frying stage. Add your cayenne pepper, a bit of sweet basil and other great-tasting goodies. Fry the chicken wings to a crispy consistency and you can go right ahead and enjoy it.    


Forget the exotic-sounding name. Jambalaya is a definitely an American dish. It contains crayfish, meat, celery, rice, onions, peppers and tomatoes. All these goodies make it rich and highly nutritious. You can even replace crayfish with prawns and add your own secret ingredients. This is a dish to die for but nobody is doing any dying when Jambalaya is on the menu.